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Pinterest nails

I used to do my nails elaborately all the time. I’d look up designs on Pinterest and google and try to recreate them on my own (tiny and chewed up) nails. 

For some reason I stopped doing them. Not too sure why. 

But now that I did my own acrylics (3rd times the charm!) I went through Pinterest and found one I wanted to do. 

And it turned out pretty well for not having the tools I needed. 

So maybe I’ll go back to doing nails more often. 


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Eat This, Do That

I ate this yesterday. 

So I had to do this today. 

One hour of cardio kicked my butt. I slept about 12 hours last night and all I did today was cardio, but man I’m exhausted. I could sleep for a year. 

I’ve been doing pretty well with eating healthy and logging my food (MyFitnessPal is my fave!) minus Saturday…. I ate junk, drank junk, and was junk. But it’s okay. One day won’t kill me. 

I’m working on thinking of rewards for when I lose a certain amount of weight. Like 10 pounds. 20 pounds. Etc. 


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Pageant? Sure!

I’m considering doing a pageant. One of my friends has done this specific pageant for the last three years. Last year she actually won it. She has recruited me to do it this year.

I did pageants as a little kid. I also signed a modeling contract last summer (I haven’t done anything, but I did sign one). So this will be fun. I also wanted to do another pageant again so here we go!

All I need to do is pay for the fees. And I’m broke. It’ll happen. I got this.

I went and bought a bunch of healthy food to eat to lose weight because I don’t want to be chubby anymore and also because the pageant has a swimsuit portion…. So yea.

Here we go!



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Working out and shit 

Trying to lose the weight. *eye roll* 

My sister is in Cincinnati so we’re “long distance working out together”. Basically if one of us does something at the gym, the other does it. And we keep each other morivated with our 30 Pinterest boards and 7000 texts a day. 

There’s a reason our family has an unlimited everything plan. We are the reason. 


Hey y’all 

In light of recent events (a bad car accident, losing my job, my mother almost succumbing to ALS, etc.) I have realized I lost myself. 

I lost myself in my depression. I lost myself to a shell of what I was. 
Well that’s not the ending point. If it’s not okay it’s not over. 

So I’m doing new things. Trying a new approach to life. 

I’ve gained a lot of weight (I’m now 177lbs when I used to be 130). Some is muscle. But a lot is not. So back to the gym and back to eating healthy (I eat my feelings. And everyone else’s, too). 

I’m bored. I feel like I’m not living. Feel like I’m not experiencing the things in life that I should be. 

Last week I finally got a job after 4 weeks unemployed. At a women’s clothing retailer. And I absolutely love it. I have worked in retail before and it was always just whatever. But this is different. The interactions with customers are different and just the whole activity is different. I get to dress cute (my title is stylist soooo….. duh). My coworkers are fun and exciting and the customers are sweet. I get to help women of all ages pick out dresses and outfits for special events or for just life in general. Whatever they may need. I love it. I love dresses. And clothes. And working (it gives me something to do). 

I will be using this blog to catalogue my trials and errors on my path back to me. Come along for the ride. Drop me a comment (encouragement and ideas of things to try are always welcome). Or just read it and laugh. Whatever.