Hey y’allĀ 

In light of recent events (a bad car accident, losing my job, my mother almost succumbing to ALS, etc.) I have realized I lost myself. 

I lost myself in my depression. I lost myself to a shell of what I was. 
Well that’s not the ending point. If it’s not okay it’s not over. 

So I’m doing new things. Trying a new approach to life. 

I’ve gained a lot of weight (I’m now 177lbs when I used to be 130). Some is muscle. But a lot is not. So back to the gym and back to eating healthy (I eat my feelings. And everyone else’s, too). 

I’m bored. I feel like I’m not living. Feel like I’m not experiencing the things in life that I should be. 

Last week I finally got a job after 4 weeks unemployed. At a women’s clothing retailer. And I absolutely love it. I have worked in retail before and it was always just whatever. But this is different. The interactions with customers are different and just the whole activity is different. I get to dress cute (my title is stylist soooo….. duh). My coworkers are fun and exciting and the customers are sweet. I get to help women of all ages pick out dresses and outfits for special events or for just life in general. Whatever they may need. I love it. I love dresses. And clothes. And working (it gives me something to do). 

I will be using this blog to catalogue my trials and errors on my path back to me. Come along for the ride. Drop me a comment (encouragement and ideas of things to try are always welcome). Or just read it and laugh. Whatever.