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Pageant? Sure!

I’m considering doing a pageant. One of my friends has done this specific pageant for the last three years. Last year she actually won it. She has recruited me to do it this year.

I did pageants as a little kid. I also signed a modeling contract last summer (I haven’t done anything, but I did sign one). So this will be fun. I also wanted to do another pageant again so here we go!

All I need to do is pay for the fees. And I’m broke. It’ll happen. I got this.

I went and bought a bunch of healthy food to eat to lose weight because I don’t want to be chubby anymore and also because the pageant has a swimsuit portion…. So yea.

Here we go!



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Working out and shit 

Trying to lose the weight. *eye roll* 

My sister is in Cincinnati so we’re “long distance working out together”. Basically if one of us does something at the gym, the other does it. And we keep each other morivated with our 30 Pinterest boards and 7000 texts a day. 

There’s a reason our family has an unlimited everything plan. We are the reason.